Thursday, February 9, 2023

News items you should check out: March 13

Since Steve and I can’t cover everything, occasionally we’ll direct your attention to articles from various other sources worth your time.

° A report from Bloomberg highlights analysts who believe Apple could push another milestone by breaking a $3 trillion market cap.

° AppleInsider says that, following a number of difficulties concerning parcel firm DHL failing to collect Developer Transition Kits from developers in the EU, Apple is publicizing a hotline. 

° Attorneys for an Apple security executive accused of attempting to bribe a sheriff’s office with iPads to get concealed carry permits have called for the corruption probe to be dismissed.

° According to a post on Google’s Chromium blog, Chrome developers recently managed to shrink the memory footprint of background tabs on Mac by up to 8%, or just over 1GB on some systems in version 89 of the browser.

° The Verge says that T-Mobile plans to turn up 5G speed this year and cover 90% of Americans with fast 5G by 2024.

° Impaired shipments of Qualcomm 5G RFIC is expected to lower second quarter smartphone production by about 5%, says the TrendForce research group.

Dennis Sellers
the authorDennis Sellers
Dennis Sellers is the editor/publisher of Apple World Today. He’s been an “Apple journalist” since 1995 (starting with the first big Apple news site, MacCentral). He loves to read, run, play sports, and watch movies.