Apple patent filing hints at a cooling system for the next gen iMac

Apple has filed for a patent (number 2021005182) that hints at a cooling system for a next generation iMac or iMac Pro. The goal is to have a powerful computer with a cooling system that runs quietly in the background.

The upcoming iMac revamp will certainly sport the successor to Apple’s M1 processor. It’a also expected to have a form factor redesign and come in 24-inch and 27-inch (perhaps 32-inch) versions. The question is whether we’ll see such all-in-ones this spring, summer, or fall.

Here’s the summary of the patent filing (which could, admittedly, involve Apple’s pricey Pro Display XDR): “An electronic device includes a fan assembly that draws air (including heated air) away from components and forces the air out of the electronic device. The fan assembly includes a guide vane located in the fan housing. Subsequent to air entering the fan assembly via the fan inlets, the guide vane is designed to direct the air to a fan outlet. 

“Further, the guide vane is designed and positioned in the fan assembly to limit or prevent flow separation that may cause the heated air to recirculate and may also cause increased turbulence leading to elevated acoustic noise. Furthermore, the guide vane may include a tapered region to allow the heated air to readily flow over the guide vane to limit or prevent a vortex from occurring within the fan assembly. Using the guide vane, the fan assembly drives more air at the same fan speed and lowers noise generation.”

Dennis Sellers
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