Sleep Better With The LectroSound Soothing Noise Machine

LectroSound (on sale for $15.99) provides white noise for sound masking and promoting better rest, relaxation, and sleep. It features a custom-designed analog circuitry to generate warm, robust non-looping white noise that’s truly random. The tone dial provides precise control of the sound’s warmth across the spectrum of brown, white, and pink variations. These specific sonic hues have different frequencies that make up relaxing white noise. You can also adjust the output with the volume control to match the needs of your environment. It’s USB powered and does not include an AC adapter for use with wall outlets. 

  • Personalize your sleep experience with the perfect sleep sound
  • During the day, it’s great for masking sounds to increase privacy & focus
  • Easy to take with you, whether it’s across the room or across the country
  • Warm, robust, truly random white noise at an affordable price
  • Incredibly easy to use; no presets to learn or configuration to memorize
  • Works with any powered USB port