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Flying Insects Bugging You? Wizap Monster 360° Mosquito Trap Safely Eliminates Pests

It’s that time of year when cooler weather makes mosquitos, flies, and other pesky bugs decide that they want to move into your house where they can be warmer…and drive you nuts. The Wizap Monster 360° Mosquito Trap uses a UV light to attract flying pests, a powerful fan to suck them in, and an electric grid to do away with them once and for all. It’s 39% off for a limited time!

Wizap ™ Monster incorporates an ultraviolet lamp that attracts flying insects, the insect is then sucked up thanks to double ventilation to be killed instantly thanks to the interior electrical grid of 1100V. It has an intelligent 24-hour light control mode. It starts automatically when the light is intense and turns off when it is dark. Wizap ™ Monster is quite simply the most beautiful mosquito repellent on the market, its aluminum effect base, rounded curves, and internal block create perfect harmony. The light adds a futuristic effect to make a beautiful object of declaration. 

  • Ultraviolet lamp attracts flying insects

  • High-powered fan sucks insects

  • 110V electrical grid kills insects instantly

  • Starts automatically when light is intense & turns when it’s dark

  • Covers a surface area of 80sqm

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