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Any Place is a Movie Theater with the Lenso Space Pocket Projector

Technology is great! Could you have imagined, even five years ago, that you’d soon be able to purchase a 4K / 1080p digital projector that can fit in your pocket? That’s the Lenso Space Pocket Projector, available at half the usual retail price for just $339 in the Apple World Today Deals Shop.

Embark on an immersive media viewing experience with the Lenso Space Projector. With Lenso, you can connect wirelessly to different devices or directly via HDMI or USB, making it universally viewable, shareable, portable, and all the more powerful. Set up a truly cinematic experience anywhere thanks to the Mini Projector’s crystal clear 4K and 1080P resolution videos up to 120″ across. With a 200 ANSI lumen bulb, you’ll enjoy an HD viewing experience in stunning clarity and superior picture brightness, whether it’s day or night. Plus, Lenso’s built-in Hi-Fi speakers eliminate any need for portable audio devices to enjoy your favorite movies, shows, and music on the go. 

  • Watch your favorite content in crystal clear 4K & 1080P resolution

  • Enjoy stunning clarity & superior picture brightness w/ a 200 ANSI Lumen bulb

  • Never have to connect additional device thanks to the built-in Hi-Fi speakers

  • Cast anything from your device onto any surface via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

  • Download & stream your media even when you’re online w/ a 32GB memory

Trend Hunter: “The Lenso ‘Spaceship’ projector is a palm-sized device that will allow for content streaming from anywhere thanks to the pocket-friendly design that packs robust technology within.”

Geeky Gadgets: “Lenso is a true all-in-one self-contained device. Your next powerful, Hi-Fi cinematic experience is always just a few clicks away.”

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