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LINK UV Self-Cleaning Water Bottle: Perfect for germ-free hydration

Water bottles keep us hydrated, an important part of a healthy regimen. Unfortunately, the inside of water bottles can quickly become a cesspool of germs. The LINK UV Self-Cleaning Water Bottle ($75) uses ultraviolet sterilization to keep your liquids germ-free, while using a double-walled insulating design to keep cool beverages cool and hot beverages hot.

Inside water bottles is the perfect place for bacteria to live. Turn on your health light and cut the germs out of your hydration with the LINK UV Self-Cleaning Water Bottle. Using patented UV-C lights, it irradiates and destroys the DNA of bacteria and viruses. The sterilizing effect of UV-C lights is sealed inside the container, effectively penetrating 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Just push the button and get sterilized water in one minute. This water bottle is insulating too and keeps your beverage cold for up to 18 hours or hot for 8 hours. 

  • Self-cleaning: Uses patented UV-C lights to kill 99.9% of bacteria & viruses in just over a minute

  • Easy-to-use: Quickly sterilizes itself in just a push of a button

  • FDA-approved: Safe method of sterilization that’s commonly used in healthcare, food services, industrial, & water utility settings

  • Insulating: Keeps water & other beverage cold for 18 hours and hot for 8 hours

How To Use

  1. Wash inside the water bottle

  2. Empty the bottle

  3. Close the lid and touch the power button on top of the lid

  4. The light indicator on top of bottle will automatically turn off when complete

  5. Do not fill with boiling water

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