Thursday, January 26, 2023
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Reliable Apple leakers offer differing timelines for Apple Glasses debut

On Thursday in a note to clients, analyst and reliable Apple prophet, Mind-Chi Kuo, said the long-rumored Apple Glasses won’t arrive until at least 2022. However, equally reliable tweeter Jon Prosser has tweeted that the augmented reality (AR) headset will arrive March-June 2021.

He adds that he’s seen them and “they’re sleek as hell.” On May 12, Prosser said on the tech podcast Gadget Cast that Apple is working on AR glasses that support 5G networks and are more akin design-wise to regular glasses than a head-mounted display.

He adds that he saw two prototypes at the company’s premises, both of which were “clean” and “slick” in appearances. He expects the Apple Glasses to be announced next year with these likely features:

° They’ll be normal prescription glasses that display an interface on the inside of the lens.

° Anyone facing an Apple Glasses-wearing user won’t be able to see the AR display, which will overlay digital images over the user’s real-life surroundings.

° The Apple Glasses wold work in tandem with a 5G iPhone.

° They’ll have their own operating system that’s codenamed “Starboard.”

° Users will need an iPhone or Apple Watch to set up a pair of Apple Glasses and help extract sensor data.

° They’ll be able to take advantage of sensors in the smartwatch or smartphone, but will work without either nearby., either as a style accessory or, more vitally, to be able to see.  

The Sellers Research Group (that’s me) sides with Prosser on this one. I think we’ll see Apple Glasses in time for the 2021 holiday season.

Dennis Sellers
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