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Yet another Apple patent hints at the return of the MagSafe connector

With the 2016 MacBook Pro line, Apple ditched the beloved MagSafe connector, which disengaged with the slightest amount of pressure. The connector saved many Mac laptops from a disastrous plummet when someone accidentally snagged the power cable. However, a new patent filing (number 10,547,151) for a “magnetic adapter” hints that it could return.

In the patent filing, Apple says the power cables on laptops may create hazards. For example, a user may place a Mac laptop on a desk or table and connector and connect it to a power outlet via a cable.

Particularly where the desk or table is in a public or semi-public environment, such as a library or coffee shop, the power cord may become a tripping hazard. What’s more, the laptop may be pulled to the ground and damaged. Apple says that what’s needed are “components for connector systems such that when a connector insert is mated with a connector receptacle, damage to the connector receptacle and electronic device may be avoided in the event of an inadvertent force on the connector insert.”

Here’s the summary of the invention: “Connector adapters that may have a MagSafe connector receptacle and a Universal Serial Bus Type-C connector insert. This may allow MagSafe chargers to be used to charge devices having Universal Serial Bus Type-C connector receptacles. This also may provide the breakaway characteristic of a MagSafe connector system for a device that does not include a MagSafe connector receptacle. Other adapters may have other types of magnetic connector receptacles and connector inserts.”

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