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How big an iPad Pro is too big? 15 inches? 27 inches?

Would you use a 15-inch iPad Pro? How about a 27-incher? In a Jan. 21 iMore article, Joseph Keller made an interesting argument for both (as well as a 17-inch tablet).

I’d go for a 15-inch iPad Pro under the right conditions. Perhaps even a 27-inch Apple tablet. But let’s back up.

Read the entire iMore article for Joseph’s rationale, but here are some highlights:

“What I actually want is for Apple to experiment when it comes to its hardware design. I think that the ideal size for an iPad Pro, one that offers maximum screen space while still being portable, would be around 15 inches. But I’d like to see Apple push that even further. Maybe Apple could try bringing back the lunch tray and offer a 17-inch iPad Pro. I know for a fact that a lot of artists that love the Apple Pencil just want the biggest screen they can get, so there’d be at least some kind of audience for it.

“…. want to see Apple introduce a 27-inch iPad. Yep. I want Apple to make an iPad as big as an iMac. Maybe it won’t be successful. But if Apple did this, and really committed to it, I think it would benefit every iPad user in the long run. Like the Surface Studio, Microsoft’s large touchscreen all-in-one PC, a 27-inch iPad would likely be especially appealing to artists, who could use that entire massive screen space with the Apple Pencil to create their art. For other tasks like editing videos, working with documents, or just viewing content, more space would serve those purposes better, too.”

With Apple touting the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement/alternative, there could be a market for a 15-inch iPad Pro (“iPad Pro Plus”?). For me, the iPad Pro — as much as I enjoy mine —  is a long way from replacing my 16-inch MacBook Pro, especially with the limitations of iPadOS (such as the lack of “true” mouse/trackpad support).

Also, some folks find the 12.9-inch iPad Pro too big and awkward for use as a tablet. I don’t. And I’d at least consider a 15-inch iPad Pro, at least if it had complete mouse or trackpad support. Would you?

As for a 27-inch iPad (though it would probably be renamed since a 27-inch device is hardly a tablet), I wouldn’t use it for the reasons Joseph mentioned. However, if could double as a 5K display for use with my MacBook Pro, that would be a different story. 

What do you think?

Dennis Sellers
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