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Could the Apple Watch someday completely replace your iPhone?

Could the Apple Watch someday completely replace your iPhone? I doubt it, as the  camera features of the smartphone would be impossible to replicate on the smartwatch. However, some folks disagree.

According to recent research, in the first quarter of 2019, smartwatch shipment figures increased almost 50%. As smartwatch orders soar, the question posed at the moment is whether consumers would opt out of carrying mobiles phones altogether eventually, according to Nok Nok Labs. The company — which specializes in next-generation consumer authentication — says this means that smartwatches could use the same (or better) security as mobile phones and enable a simple and secure way to login and use sensitive web applications.

More research suggests that one in 10 Americans could be wearing a smartwatch next year. Today’s smartwatches can be used without a mobile phone nearby. Wearable tracking features, could potentially provide enhanced ways of identifying and authenticating its user making smartwatches better poised in this regard.

With Apple leading the way, and Apple Watch 5’s recent launch taking health tracking into a whole new world with background ECG tracking, it seems that while we’re not quite there just yet, there is real appeal to today’s smartwatches, and they can actually not only do a lot of what mobiles phones can, but also a lot that mobile phones can’t, according to Nok Nok Labs.

Features such as calls, messages and the ability to pay with smartwatches are allowing consumers to leave the house without their mobile phones for the first time, carrying all the technology they need on their wrists. Not only that but with GPS, fitness tracking, and health tracking in the background at all times, Apple’s pioneering heart tracking features have actually been thought to “save a life’” – smartwatches may be beneficial to health, which is a far cry from the belief that mobile phone usage is bad for us, adds Nok Nok Labs.

“The recent rise in demand for smartwatches could be an indication where the market is going,” says Avner Brodsky, CEO of “With such an advancement in technology, perhaps in a matter of a few years we will see many replacing mobile phones with extremely powerful, voice enabled, always connected, secure and extremely smart watches.”

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