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Apple patent involves involves the Apple Pencil 2 and wireless charging with an iPad Pro

The Apple Pencil 2, which Apple debuted this week, can connect wirelessly to an iPad Pro to pair and charge. And the tech giant has filed for a patent (number 20180314349) for the tech behind this.

The invention, dubbed “capacitive wireless charging system,” is for a wireless power transmission system may include a wireless power transmitting device such as a tablet computer (the new iPad Pro) and a wireless power receiving device such as a computer stylus (the new Apple Pencil). A wireless power transmitting capacitor electrode is located in the tablet, and a wireless power receiving capacitor electrode is located in the Apple Pencil 2.

The transmitting capacitor electrode may be driven by a drive signal having a frequency of 900 MHz or greater to produce wireless power. The wireless power may be transmitted from the iPad Pro electrode to the receiving capacitor electrode on the Apple Pencil 2 via near field capacitive coupling. 

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