Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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Will Apple give us a ‘Big Apple’ at next week’s event in the Big Apple?

Apple is holding an October event next Tuesday, Oct. 30. Regulatory filings in Europe show at least three possible Mac updates. There are also expected to be iPad Pro updates.

I can’t help but wonder if Apple sending out the invitations with over 350 versions of the Apple logo and choosing New York itself is a clue as to what will be revealed. New York is known as the “Big Apple.” With Apple choosing the Big Apple for it’s next event, I can’t help but wonder if there is going to be a new “big Apple” from Apple.

I’m hoping for a truly Big Apple with the Mac Pro. I actually don’t expect the Mac Pro to be available Tuesday, but I am hopeful they might give a preview. Perhaps the iMacs will be upgraded with more RAM, graphics capabilities, etc. There will very possibly be an updated Mac Mini. I think the iPads will be “bigger,” not with the screens, but with specs and possibly a USB-C port. There are rumors of a new Mac mini. And a “bigger” (spec wise) iPad Mini would be welcome.

There is some reason Apple chose the Big Apple for Tuesday’s event. I think it’s going to truly be a Big Apple event in upgrades and perhaps even a couple of surprises for us.

Marty Edwards
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