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AWT TV Episode 47: Jamf Nation and Apple speculation

Steve Sande and Marty Edwards of Apple World Today join up with Ruby Edwards, who is attending the Jamf Nation conference in Minneapolis, MN this week on behalf of the site. On this episode of AWT TV, we talk about what’s going on at the conference, as well as throw out some wild speculation about next week’s Apple event!

Ruby’s been providing AWT with a lot of information about the conference and the new announcements coming out of Jamf Nation. One thing she pointed out while touring the conference venue was a shipping container. Now, that doesn’t sound very exciting, but it’s something that Jamf and a number of other technology firms put together as a standalone technology classroom that can be sent anywhere in the world. What a great idea!

Our next AWT TV will go live in early November, and we’ll be sure to let readers know when it is scheduled. The topic? What was announced at the Apple Event coming up next week (October 30).

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