Thursday, January 26, 2023
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Apple sued over man’s ‘exploding’ iPhone 6

Another day, another lawsuit. A South Carolina man says he was severely burned after an exploding iPhone 6 battery set his clothes on fire, according to a new product liability suit filed against Apple in federal court. In a Tuesday complaint, Ronnie Portee said the iPhone was defective and “unreasonably dangerous.”

This isn’t the first lawsuit over Apple smartphones that purportedly blow up. In fact, if I’m counting correctly, this is the sixth. The lawsuits set forth claims for “general negligence and products liability in connection with iPhone 6 devices overheating, exploding, and causing significant burns to Plaintiffs’ bodies, as well as other injuries and suffering.” 

In most cars, the lawsuits seek damages for, among other things, wage loss, loss of use of property, hospital and medical expenses, mental and emotional suffering and anguish, general damage, property damage, and loss of earning capacity. The plaintiffs also seek punitive and exemplary damages. 

Dennis Sellers
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