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Can your Mac run it? MacGamer HQ did nearly 200 benchmarks to give you an answer

By Ric Molina

Has this ever happened to you: you see the trailer for an insane new game. You know you want it, but you have this very important question to answer first: can my Mac run it?

Figuring that out was next to impossible, which meant you never got that game. Who wants to waste $60 on something that won’t work, right? But MacGamer HQ has released the Can my Mac run it guide, which includes 45 officially benchmarked games and over 170 results from Macs ranging from top of the line iMacs to older MacBook Pros and Mac minis.

It also includes hundred of benchmarks and results that can be filled, sorted, and searched. If you ever wondered if your Mac can run Rise of the Tomb Raider, Fortnite or Civ 6, you should definitely the guide out.

Dennis Sellers
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