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Malwarebytes for iOS available now in both free and premium versions

Malwarebytes has protected Macs for years; now the company brings its security feature to iOS in the new Malwarebytes for iOS app. It’s a free download in the App Store; after a 30-day trial period, users can subscribe to the premium features for $1.49 per month or $11.99 per year. The app provides four key security benefits:

The Premium Version:

  • Blocks malicious sites with Web Protection, protecting users from phishing and fraudulent destinations, online scams, and other web-borne threats while in Safari
  • Call Protection provides caller-ID warnings or blocks incoming calls from known and susptcted scammers including “spoofed” calls that make their number appear similar to yours. Users can be confident in answering the calls that matter while skipping the fraudulent calls that don’t

Both the Premium and Free Versions:

  • Ad blocking blocks intrusive ads in Safari. The application also offers protection from ad trackers which watch and log a user’s online history and behavior. As a result, users may browser the internet with fewer distractions, faster load times and greater privacy
  • With Malwarebytes for iOS, users can easily ignore suspicious texts with Text Message Filtering. The application forwards fraudulent texts from known scammers or texts containing phishing links to a resident junk folder, minimizing invasive and annoying text spam and letting users focus on the messages that matter most

Malwarebytes says that the current app is optimized for iPhone users despite the fact that iPad and iPod touch users can take advantage of Web Protection and Ad Blocking in the app. Future updates will include user interface improvements targeting iPad and iPod touch users.

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