Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Smart Robot Vacuum with Built-in Camera sucks (in a good way!)

Pyle Audio’s $289.99 Smart Robot Vacuum with Built-in Camera sucks — but in the best way since it’s a vacuum cleaner. 

You can control the Smart Vacuum from your iPhone to view the vacuum, change its direction and even set a weekly cleaning schedule, all while being away from the home. (You can also use this feature to drive your cats crazy! Good fun.)

The Smart Robot Vacuum has twin side brushes that clean corners a typical (ie, non-robotic) vacuum can’t reach, while a multi-suction brush sweeps and collects dust into the vacuum. 

You can set the Smart Robot Vacuum to one of its seven different cleaning modes, and sit back as it takes on the task. There are six cleaning modes — automatic clean, corner clean, concentrated clean, manual clean, shadow clean and reservation clean. The reservation mode allows you to set the Smart Robot Vacuum to operate at the same time every day. 

Shadow mode detects and cleans shadowed areas users may not think to clean, like under furniture and beds. Its slim 3.4-inch height allows the Smart Robot Vacuum to scurry under just about everything and collect unseen dust and dirt.

You can protect family and furniture using the Smart Robot Vacuum, while helping eliminate allergens and pet hair and dander. Pyle’s Smart Sensor System also ensures a user’s home stays beautiful by detecting obstacles and preventing collisions or scuffing.

And what of the previously mentioned video mode. It allows you to record and view — on your iPhone — what just got cleaned up under that couch! And perhaps where your cats are hiding….

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★

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