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Australian grocer Woolworths links its reward card with Apple Wallet

As noted by AppleInsider, Australian grocer Woolworths this month became the first retailer in the country to link its rewards card with Apple Wallet, allowing customers to load and redeem points and discounts via the digital wallet system. 

Rewards members can open the Wallet app and scan their physical card or visit a dedicated webpage, login and tap “Add to Apple Wallet.” Users’ cards are then provisioned for use at checkout, where customers can earn points or used gained rewards. 

When adding your Rewards card so you don’t have to open Apple Wallet to tap and earn. If you enable “Automatic updates” on your iOS device, it allows your points balance and other details to automatically refresh. After adding your Rewards card to an iPhone click on the information icon (located bottom right corner) and select Automatic Updates. You can also access your current points balance and savings banked at a glance.

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