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Pay What You Want for the Fab 5 Mac Bundle Featuring TechTool Pro 9.5

We love the Pay What You Want deals that we get in the Apple World Today Deals Shop. No matter what you pay — like a penny — you’re still going to get something, in this case MacCleanse 6, a utility that normally costs $29.95. Pay more than the average of all people participating in the Pay What You Want deal and you get five wonderful Mac apps! We call it the Fab 5 Mac Bundle and you can get it for a limited time. 

So, what do you get if you beat the average price for the bundle? These five apps:

TechTool Pro 9.5 ($99.99 value)

TechTool Pro 9.5 goes above and beyond the basic diagnostics to keep your system running like a dream. It even goes as far as testing your motherboard, which no rival tool can do. But that’s not all. Test everything from the sensors to the fans, and everything in between. Even create a bootable diagnostic device to test in the field. Whether you own a personal Mac or a whole fleet of business machines, TechTool Pro will catch problems before they start.


RapidWeaver 7 ($89.99 value)

Want to build a website, but not exactly “code-literate?” No problem – RapidWeaver 7 makes building websites without any HTML a breeze. You can build anything from a small personal site to an online commerce store within a simple, accessible interface.


Hands Off! ($49.99 value)

Hands Off! controls the access of web applications to your network and disks so you can make informed decisions about who and what has access to your private information. With Hands Off!, you will stop applications from reading, storing, and erasing information without your knowledge, and take back control of your computer.


AfterShot Pro 3 ($79.99 value)

Welcome to the newest version of the world’s leading RAW photo-editing software. RAWfiles don’t compress image data like JPEG and other formats, delivering extremely high-quality photos, but with enormous file sizes. AfterShot Pro 3 resolves this file size issue with its efficient RAW converter, allowing you to seamlessly upload, edit, and manage extremely high quality photos without inflicting any damage. This is the photo software to take your pictures to their highest heights.


MacCleanse 6 ($29.95 value)

Keep your computer organized with MacCleanse, the premier file cleanup system for Mac. You’ll access a wide array of tools to find and delete any files clogging up your hard drive and slowing down your computer. This program is your ticket to freeing up precious hard drive space, speeding up your device, and maximizing your productivity like never before.

And remember, the Pay What You Want deal is backed by a 15-day no questions asked satisfaction guarantee! 

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