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KeyboardCleanTool makes it easier to clean that dirty Mac keyboard

By Frank Petrie

Deadline’s looming. Breakfast at the desk. Lunch at the desk. Dinner at the desk. Coffee and a donut from the break room at the desk as you finish the proposal of whatever you’ve been working on all day long.

Now you can relax. Maybe.

You look down at your keyboard and it’s covered with crumbs and all manner of the day’s food remnants. Cleaning this up is going to take a bit of time. Or is it?

KeyboardCleanTool to the rescue. Instead of having to meticulously clean between each and every key, the free utility allows you to completely lock your keyboard so that you can easily wipe your keyboard clean. No unplugging or shutting down your Bluetooth connection.

When finished, simply press the button once again to reenable your keyboard.

To allow KeyboardCleanTool to accomplish this, you do have to grant the app permission to control your Mac in order to block key presses. Click System Preferences> Privacy & Security > Privacy > Accessibility and you’re good to go.

For whatever reason, “Apple rejected it for not being very useful.” Seems a useful utility to me.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★

Dennis Sellers
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