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Laurene Powell Jobs to speak on philanthropy at Code conference

It’s rare when the public hears from the widow of Steve Jobs, but Laurene Powell Jobs will be speaking at next month’s Code conference about her approach to philanthropy. Unlike her husband’s famously well scripted and rehearsed onstage “performances,” Powell Jobs will converse with California senator Kamala Harris about the work of her organization — the Emerson Collective — and how she feels philanthropy should benefit society as a whole.

According to a Forbes writeup earlier this year, the combination of the Laurene Powell Jobs Trust and Powell Jobs’ personal fortune has an estimated net worth of $20 billion. The trust owns 2.5% of Disney, while Powell Jobs owns 4%. One would expect that she would own a larger stake in the company her late husband co-founded — Apple — but you’d be wrong. She owns just 0.7% of Apple. 

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