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4-year-old boy in UK uses Siri to get help for his unconscious mother

Siri is an AI with a lot of talents, and it teamed up with Roman, a 4-year-old boy in the UK, to help him get help for his mother. While kids in the UK are taught to dial 999 to summon emergency services, Roman used a different method to call: he unlocked his mother’s iPhone by pressing her thumb to her iPhone’s Touch ID home button, then asked Siri for help. Here’s a recording of the complete conversation between Roman and an emergency services operator:

Thanks to Roman knowing how to unlock his mother’s iPhone, ask Siri to call for help, and then providing his home address to the police operator, officers and paramedics were able to show up, force entry into the house, and help Roman’s mom regain consciousness before taking her to the hospital.

Metropolitan Police Chief Superintendent Ade Adelekan said that “Hearing this call brings home the importance of teaching your young child their home address and how to call police and emergency services in an emergency situation. It’s an amazing story and thanks to his quick thinking and by asking ‘Siri’ for help, this little boy saved his mum’s life and it means she is still here and can be extremely proud of him and his brothers.”

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