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TextExpander update adds support for MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Bloggers and other full-time writers are big fans of TextExpander (affiliate link), a family of apps and a subscription service from Smile that allows creation of text snippets that can then be expanded by simply typing a shortcut. For example, typing the shortcut “mAS” on my iMac types the phrase “Mac App Store”, saving me ten keystrokes every time I put those words into a document. Smile updated TextExpander to version 6.1.3 yesterday, bringing with it support for those lucky folks who own the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

For those with a Touch Bar on their MacBook Pro, the update brings the ability to add, organize, filter or delete snippets with a tap or two, and it’s easy to check snippet statistics, too! For those of you who aren’t familiar with TextExpander, those stats give you a running count of how many characters you didn’t have to type and the hours of typing saved as a result.

Smile knows that not everyone owns a shiny new Touch Bar MacBook Pro, so the update also added bug fixes and improved VoiceOver access. You can download TextExpander 6.1.3 here for free to try it out, then subscribe to the TextExpander service when you see how handy this app is. 

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