Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Getting a new MacBook Pro? Gazelle’s offering an extra $25 if you sell them your old one

Gazelle’s a great place to sell your old gear and get money for it, all hassle-free. It’s also a wonderful location for buying pre-owned gear at good prices. Well, the company is making an offer from now through Christmas Day — sell them your old MacBook worth more than $100 and they’ll throw in an addition $25 on top of what they offer you for the device.

Just think — that $25 can go towards building up your supply of dongles for the new MacBook Pro! We’re an affiliate of Gazelle, so any sales or purchases made from links in this post provide us with a little bit of income. Gazelle’s also a great place to get refurbished MacBooks — how about a mid-2013 11-inch MacBook Air for just $599? Or a late 2013 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro for $649?

Purchasing refurbished gear from Gazelle can help your Christmas dollars go a bit further, and selling old unneeded equipment can put a few dollars back in your pocket. 

Steve Sande
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