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Daily Deal: Get The Mac Power Organizer Bundle Today!

Our bundles are some of the most popular items in the Apple World Today Deals Shop, and it’s no wonder why — you get a bunch of the best apps for Mac or iOS for an unbelievably low price. Today’s AWT Deals Shop bargain is The Mac Power Organizer Bundle ($14.99), bringing you four powerful tools for quickly organizing your downloads, cloud services and local files.

So, let’s untie this bundle and see what we have! 

Folx 5

Is your Downloads folder an unmanageable mess? Folx 5 (normally $19.95) from Eltima Software can tackle that mess and put downloads in their place: 

  • Download using Magnet links, allowing you to download discreetly w/o saving a separate file
  • Split downloads into up to 10 threads to increase speed
  • Take full control over downloading speed by adjusting manually or letting Folx do it automatically
  • Schedule downloads & instruct Folx what to do once the download is finished
  • Send downloads automatically to iTunes when completed
  • Remember login information on sites where you need authentication to download
  • Download videos directly from YouTube

 Commander One PRO Pack

    Commander One PRO Pack (usually $29.95) puts the Mac Finder on steroids. Whether you just need multiple Finder panes for quick copying between locations, want to grab files from an remote server to place into a Mac folder, or archive old documents, this app does the job:

    • Use advanced search w/ RegExp support to find files & folders on even compressed disks
    • Manage FTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, & OneDrive clients all from a central hub
    • Mount cameras, iOS, or Android devices & access their files easily
    • Archive multiple file types into ZIP, RAR, TBZ, TGZ, or 7z files
    • Examine every process running on your Mac easily

    Uplet Bulk Instagram Uploader

    Ever wished that you could send a pile of photos stored on your Mac up to Instagram for sharing? That’s the power of Uplet (normally $19.95), and your friends will soon be amazed at the photos in your Instagram stream: 

    • Drag & drop photos into Uplet windows for easy upload to Instagram
    • Complete every picture w/ a caption right in the interface
    • Crop, resize, & edit each photo individually
    • Upload multiple photos at once


      The last app in this bundle is one of the best for those who use multiple cloud services. CloudMounter (usually priced at $29.99) makes it a cinch to automatically mount all of those cloud services as local drives on your Mac, and supports all major cloud services: 

      • Mount multiple Dropbox, Google Drive, & Microsoft OneDrive accounts w/o having to transfer files to your computer
      • Store any number of files of any size in your Amazon S3 or on WebDAV servers
      • Manage your online files as if they were stroed on your computer w/ FTP & SFTP server mounting
      • Encrypt Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon S3 & more

      So there you have it — The Mac Power Organizer Bundle, featuring four powerful Mac apps from Eltima Software that will speed up your daily workflow tremendously. The best part of this limited-time deal? You get it the bundle for 84% off the regular combined price. Get it today! 

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