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The Logi BASE is a good charging device/stand combo for an iPad Pro

Logitech’s Logi BASE is the first device to charge your iPad Pro (either the 12.9-inch or the 9.7-inch version) through the Smart Connector. In fact, Logitech is the only company (at least, of which I’m aware) that’s taking advantage of the connector, so it deserves kudos for supporting new Apple technology.

Beyond that, the $99 BASE is also a good charger/cradle combo (keep the “combo” description in mind as you read this). Magnets in the charging cradle guide your iPad Pro into place to align with the Smart Connector. Just drop your Apple tablet in, and you’re good to go. One downside to the Logi BASE is that you’ll have to remove a Smart Keyboard to attach it. The Logitech device occupies the Smart Connector, and there’s no passthrough option or any extra port.

The Logi BASE displays an iPad Pro at a 70-degree angle for viewing while the tablet is charging. With it sitting beside my iMac, it comes in very handy for viewing my Calendar or checking out the latest pics of my granddaughter throughout the day as I toll away on Apple World Today articles. 

The BASE works with most cases that leave an opening for the Smart Connector. The charging stand doesn’t include any cables or power adapters — a Lightning cable is plugged into the back of the stand, with the USB end of the cable to be inserted into an adapter. Logitech recommends using an electrical outlet with the BASE instead of a USB port.

Logitech has put a lot of thought into the design of the BASE. It’s made of solidaluminum with a weighted foot for support. An anti-slip pad on the bottom ensures strong surface grip to prevent the base, and your iPad, from toppling off a desk, bed stand or kitchen counter. Plus, there’s storage space at the rear of the BASE to stash an Apple Pencil or Smart Cover.

The BASE measures 7” x 4.48” x 3.23” and weighs 12.6 ounces, so doesn’t take up too much space. However, the charger/stand isn’t a fast charging device. It takes about seven hours to fully charge an iPad Pro when using it.

If you plan to use the BASE merely for charging, there are less costly options. However, if you plan to use it as a charger and stand, it’s worth the cash. It performs both functions well, and looks classy doing its job.

An iPad without a Brydge Keyboard is like a car without wheels…

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