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Study: still plenty of room for growth for the use of voice-enabled assistants such as Siri

New data from the Local Search Association — as noted by MediaPost — says that about 56% of smartphone, mobile phone or tablet users who access the Internet don’t use voice-enabled assistants. The study is based on data from 2015.

Of those that do use voice-enabled assistants, 22% access Apple Siri; 2%, Microsoft Cortana; 1%, HTC Hidi; 6%, Samsung S Voice; 1%, LG Voice Mate; and 18%, Google Voice Search, according to LSA, a not-for-profit industry association of media companies, agencies and technology providers who help businesses market to local consumers.

The study found that laptops and desktops were the most widely used devices for conducting searching — at 65% and 58%, respectively. Desktops came in at 58% and tablets at 38%.

Smartphones were preferred when looking up information online at 26%, but fell to 9% when making a purchase. Laptops were preferred for purchases at 43%, but fell to 32% when looking up information online. Tablets didn’t fare well in either, at 8% for searches and 7% for purchases.

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