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AWT News Update: September 1, 2015

The first day of September brings a request from Apple World Today as well as some fun stories for today:

  • A next generation Apple Store is coming to Memphis… and hopefully a city near you
  • GoPro updated its official app today with new editing and sharing capabilities
  • iPads are the tour guides at the One World Trrade Center Observatory

Yesterday I posted a list of all of the wonderful folks we had received new or renewed pledges from. I am happy to say that at this time we’re up to a total of $1,554 per month in pledges. That’s a lot closer to the $3,000 a month we need in order to stay alive, and we thank all of you for opening your hearts and wallets. 

If you haven’t yet supported the site, here’s the link to make your pledge.

Friends with Benefits

Many of the new patrons are joining our secret Slack channel, where they can chat with the team and other AWT supporters. It’s a benefit that we’re happy to extend to the people who are making this all possible. You can give us tips, post ideas, and even correct our spelling! What other Apple website lets you peek into the newsroom and suggest what we’re going to write about? 

And here’s a big announcement: during the September 9 Apple livestream, we will host a live video chat for everyone who is a patron. Who needs a liveblog when you can join in on a discussion about the latest Apple announcements? 

Giveaways: we’re going to start giving away more fun items, too. The only people who will be eligible for the swag? Our Patreon patrons. You won’t have to enter a giveaway, either — we’ll auto-enter you if you’re on the patron list. 

To become a patron of Apple World Today, just click that big orange and black Patreon button on the side of this page and make a monthly pledge. One-time donations are also welcome; that’s what the “Make a one-time donation” link is all about.

Today’s Amazing Patrons:

William Lisowski
Michael Dunphy
T. Higashi
Jeff Pechmann
Fred Arneman
Alexander Kühne
Alejandro Lozada
Dave Marshall
Gerald Schömbs
Matteo Risoldi
Cory Bohon
Todd Raine
Hank Pepper
Ron Braithwaite
Cecil Habermacher
Roger Schreiber
Joel Anderson
Stan Seibert
Ian Bradbury
Ben Donkor
Daniel Nichols
Eric Tilton
James Dashe
John Adams
Michael Klos
Francis Villanueva
Neal Collins
Vinícius Werneck
Brian Wolven
Ben Roethig
Mary Ann Bernard
Pat Lyons
Pieter Ruiter
Jack Frysinger
Mike Sellers
Luke Arms
Catherine Fambrini
Mark Hazel
Kyle Sweeney
Jesse Armstrong
Pamela Lauman
Javier Vilanova
Frederick Ruegsegger
Thomas Charmaine
Alex Cohn
Jeff Pedersen

Make sure your name gets added to the list 

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