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Facebook Messenger update brings support for third-party apps

Facebook last week announced its new Messenger platform, which brings third-party apps to the messaging tool. Today, the company rolled out an update to Facebook Messenger that brings GIFs, collages, videos and more to your messaging stream.  While GIF curator and creators are the most popular apps, third-party Messenger apps available at launch also include ESPN, Action Movie FX, Pic Stitch, GIPHY and others.  

The new apps are available when you are composing a new message in Messenger. Just tap on the “More” icon (three dots) and select the app your want to use. This action will launch the App Store and prompt you to download the app. Once installed, the app will be available on the iOS homescreen and within Facebook.

To send a message using the newly installed app, you’ll need to open the compatible app either by tapping on the app from the homescreen or launching it with Facebook while writing a message.  When you have selected a gif, collage, video or or other content using a third-party app, you can send it to your Facebook friend(s) who will be available to view the message and its multimedia content upon receipt.

If the recipient(s) want to reply using the same app, they will have to install the app and configure it on their device. Keep that it in mind if you start sending GIFs from GIPHY to your non-tech savvy friends, You likely will start getting questions and may have to provide some help in setting up the app so they can GIF you back. 

The new Facebook Messenger is available for free from the iOS App Store. Download it and let us know what you think about the new app feature. I find it interesting, but I am not sure my friends will appreciate the onslaught of gifs, collages and exploding videos coming their way. 



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