Apple purportedly still working on full reverse wireless charging support on the iPhone

This mock-up of an iPhone charging AirPods is courtesy of NewsBeezer.

According to an exclusive report Apple is purportedly continuing its work on full reverse wireless charging support for the iPhone, despite engineering delays. 9to5Mac has heard from sources familiar with the matter that Apple had hoped to debut the feature with the iPhone 14 Pro lineup, but failed to meet that deadline, the website says in an exclusive report.

The article says that, despite the failure to meet that deadline, sources indicate that Apple engineers are pressing ahead with the development of bilateral wireless charging alongside software optimizations for it. 

Reverse wireless charging, also referred to as bilateral wireless charging would allow users to not only recharge a phone with a wireless charger but also use the device to recharge an accessory.

Apple has filed for various patents for such technology. One is number 202311286 for “magnetic alignment systems for wireless power devices.” The goal is to, for example, allow an iPhone to be to charge AirPods or an Apple Watch or a Mac laptop to be able to charge an iPhone. In such a wireless charging system, a wireless power transmitting device wirelessly transmits power to a wireless power receiving device. 

Dennis Sellers
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