Pelican Ranger is a good, all-purpose laptop sleeve at a reasonable price

There are a lot of good laptop cases and sleeves out there. On the premium (as in pricey) range there’s Andar Wallets’ Helm (US$179 to $199) For a hardshell case, I’d recommend the Eco-HardShell Case ($44.99).

One of my favorite sleeves is the Mujjo Laptop ($95). However, if you’re looking for a good all-around case/sleeve that won’t bust your budget, there’s Pelican’s Ranger Series Laptop Sleeve.

It offers good protection thanks to its rugged, nylon exterior and four layered hard shell. The Pelican Ranger can also safely secure power adapters, keyboards, mice, and other laptop accessories in an extra mesh compartment. It’s compatible with most laptops, this sleeve is available in 14-inch and 16-inch models for $59.99 on Amazon.

But let’s back up to look at its protection features. The laptop sleeve has protective layers of 900D Nylon, EVA & Neoprene materials. This helps shield your beloved Mac laptop from bumps, drops, and other impacts. Multiple layers of padded foam provide shock absorption and pressure resistance.

The Pelican Ranger also has a safety strap for holding your enclosed laptop properly, while an interior neoprene woven layer helps prevent scratching. The nylon outer material offers a decent amount of water-repellency and wear resistance and also protects your laptop when you’re carrying it inside a briefcase or suitcase.

The Pelican Ranger is also travel friendly thanks to its lightweight (1.5 pounds) and compact design and elastic handle. There are even more rugged cases and more sophisticated sleeves, but the Pelican sleeve is a good all-purpose solution for most of us.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★

Dennis Sellers
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