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How to Fix an iPhone 12/13/14 Stuck on the Apple Logo After Updating

Apple is known to offer state-of-the-art user experience and processing power with every new iOS release. Facing issues with the Beta update is quite common but if the problems keep affecting your device even after the final release, you need to take this issue seriously. The same thing happened with many iPhone users when their iPhone got stuck on the Apple logo

There are several reasons behind this issue, and if we talk about solutions, there are possible ways to resolve the problem at home. You might be aware of some of the common solutions, but we are going to reveal a premium tool that will get the job done for you without erasing any data. Keep reading this guide, as you might be the next victim of iOS 16 update issues. 

There are different possibilities for the Apple logo to get stuck. It does not matter what the case is; you need to resolve the issue immediately. Here are some common logo-related issues that are reported by Apple users:

  • iPhone stuck on white Apple logo
  • The phone stuck on the black Apple logo
  • The Apple logo keeps turning on and off
  • The Apple logo is stuck, and even a hard reset won’t function

Apart from these reasons, you might face any other unique situation too. The problem can be caused by recent iOS updates, full storage, old iOS version, or any other problem. When we talk about common solutions for these problems, system restoration might be the first thing to pop up in your head. But restoring the iPhone will probably delete all of your data files, and no one would like that to happen. 

Are you thinking about applying other DIY solutions because the internet is full of tips and tricks? Well, you can try your luck as it will take you a long time to try all of these tricks. You might end up losing your data and causing more damage to your phone. Our goal here is to introduce a complete tool that requires the least manual input and get the job done in the best possible way. 

How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

Most users were not ready for the latest iOS update, and they ended up bugged iOS due to a lack of storage space and many other issues like incompatible hardware. Apple logo getting stuck at the start is a common issue faced by most users these days, and if a hard reset can resolve the issue, you are lucky. Users are not having much luck with the hard reset option so they need better solutions here. 

First of all, we are going to talk about the ultimate iOS system recovery tool that is specifically developed to cater to these needs. Apart from our suggested tool, there are some other solutions too that you might find useful here.

Ultimate Fix: iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo with iOS System Recovery Tool

Resolving iPhone 11 stuck-on Apple logo issue without resetting your device would be an ideal solution for everyone. For that purpose, iToolab FixGo is a perfect iOS system recovery tool. This tool allows you to perform basic and advanced iPhone fixes without having any technical knowledge. You can even downgrade to the last iOS version without jailbreak. There are many other great features of the tool, including:

  • Enter or exit iOS recovery mode with one click Free
  • Fix common issues with popular Apple devices without losing your data
  • Downgrade from iOS 16 to the last iOS version without data loss
  • Perform iPhone reset without having the current passcode for your device
  • Offers great success rate for all devices and iOS versions, including iPhone 14 and iOS 16
  • Install FixGo- iOS System Recovery 

Download and install iToolab FixGo on any accessible computer and then launch the tool. The home screen will show you different options, and you need to choose “Fix iOS System- Standard Mode.” And then connect your iPhone to computer with a lightning cable. You might have to put your iPhone in DFU mode if the phone is not automatically detected. 

  1. Download Additional Firmware Files  

iToolab FixGo needs some additional files as per your device, and those files can be downloaded on your computer and tool will start downloading the files once you confirm the download. 

Alt: fixgo download firmware package

  1. Fix Common iPhone getting Stuck Issues

Now, the FixGo-iOS System Recovery tool will start resolving the issue that is causing the iPhone logo problem. Once the process is done, you can disconnect the tool, and your iPhone will not face any issues regarding the Apple logo getting stuck.  

Alt: fix iphone stuck on apple logo

Advanced Mode in FixGo: If you feel that problem was not solved in Standard Mode, Advanced Mode can help you to fix issues with a deep scan of the device. But it will lose everything on your device.

Common Fix: iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo Storage Full

Full storage will not allow normal installation of the iOS files, and that will interrupt the smooth working of the device. Storage can be freed easily if the device is accessible, but if you are unable to proceed to settings, you can perform Factory Reset with iTunes. This Factory Reset operation will erase all of your data, so be careful while choosing this option. 

  • Load iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone to the computer
  • Go to iTunes >> Summary >> Restore iPhone option and iTunes will start resetting your device
  • Once done, set up your device, and your issue will be resolved if it was caused by full storage

Alt: restore iphone to fix stuck on apple logo

Simple Fix: iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo without Computer

Device Firmware Update can help you to overcome the Apple logo stuck issue without using the computer. This method is not as easy as using iToolab FixGo, and it will take some effort and time. You should try other available methods first, and DFU should be your last resort. Here is how to put iPhone 8 and later models in DFU mode, and the process might be slightly different for other models:

  • Quickly press and release the Volume + button
  • Quickly press and release the Volume – button
  • Keep holding the side button and wait for the screen to go dark
  • Hold the side button and volume down button at the same time for 5 seconds
  • Release the side button but keep holding the volume down button 
  • Once your iPhone is in DFU mode, and now you can perform a factory reset with iTunes

Final Thoughts 

If you were looking for a safe solution to recover iPhone 11 stuck on the Apple logo, iToolab FixGo is the best option here. This tool provides you with deep scan and fixes options, and you can resolve the issues with minimum effort. The tool also offers a great success rate with many other common fixes. 

As compared to other available methods, it is not only safer but easier to use too. Give it a try and fix your iOS system issues for iPhone and iPad at home. 

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