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How to fix ‘Move to iOS not working’ issues

Many people will buy a new iPhone this season as a Christmas or New Year’s gift. For those who have previously used an Android phone, using “Move to iOS” to migrate data from Android to iPhone is a convenient, if problematic, feature.

However, “Move to iOS” is known for being unstable, slow, and buggy since when it was released by Apple. Looking at the app rating and reviews of “Move to iOS” on Google Play, there are lots of one-star reviews. However, there is a better method.

How to fix ‘Move to iOS’ not working

There are different methods for overcoming the issues of “Move to iOS.”

Method 1

1. Turn on Airplane mode on the Android device.

2. Restart both the Android and iOS devices.

3. Update both the Android and iOS devices to the latest OS.

4. Check if the iPhone has enough storage to accept data transferred from the Android device.

5. Disable network-intensive Android apps such as Smart Network Switch and Sprint Connections Optimizer.

6. Contact Apple for support.

Method 2. Use the Best “Move to iOS” Alternative AnyTrans

AnyTrans can make life much simpler when moving data from an Android device to an iPhone. The app covers almost all types of data on found on Android devices. It works well no matter if the iPhone has been set up or not.

AnyTrans supports all Android device models. It ensures that all data is moved to the iPhone no matter. It won’t erase existing data on your iPhone and automatically skips duplicated content.

What’s more, AnyTrans transfers WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone without erasing existing WhatsApp chats. Finally, albums on the Android device are retained even after they’re transferred to an iPhone.

How to use AnyTrans’ ‘Phone Switcher’ feature

AnyTrans’ “Phone Switcher” feature can help with transferring data from an Android device to iPhone. Download AnyTrans, then follow theses steps:

Step 1. Launch AnyTrans on your computer > Connect both your Android and iPhone to Computer via USB cables > Choose “Phone Switcher” at the left panel > Click on “Phone to iPhone” mode.

Step 2. Select your source device and target device > Click the “Next” button to continue.

Step 3. Click on the “Next” button to start transferring Android files to your iPhone. All supported files will be checked by default.

You can find more info and a video tutorial here.


You should also note that AnyTrans isn’t just a one-time tool for data migration. It’s also an iPhone manager that will help users save time and effort on tasks such as data backup, making custom ringtones, backing up/upgrading/managing iPhone apps, mirroring an iPhone screen to a computer, and more

iMobie Black Friday Sale has already started, so users can buy AnyTrans at the lowest price this year.

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