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Why a Mac Is Great for Working from Home

Since the pandemic, many people have opted to work from home as opposed to commuting on a daily basis. This has opened up opportunities for people and businesses and has inspired many businesses to go online fully. Working from home only works well if you have good technology to work from.

Macs are great for this, whether you choose to get a laptop or desktop – they have been engineered to be as efficient as possible and are the perfect option to work from. Here are some of the reasons why Apple provides the perfect work from home technology.

They Are Great for Time Tracking Apps

Using a time tracking app is the most effective way to accurately monitor what you are doing when you are meant to be working from home and will tell you the truth about how you spend your time. Even if you convince yourself that you are an efficient worker, so many of us are guilty of opening separate tabs and using social media or doing a bit of online shopping when we are meant to be working. Time tracking apps allow you to set targets for yourself and stick to them – they will also show you how whether your time is being spent in a productive or unproductive way. 

You should take a look at the best time tracking app for Mac if you are concerned about how much work you are actually getting done, just so that you can monitor your progress properly.  

Macs Are Quick and Well Designed

Macs are super quick, and they have been engineered to work as efficiently as possible. Macs were always regarded as quite revolutionary and were the first desktops to fit everything inside the screen as opposed to having an external cell in addition to the monitor. Likewise, the laptops (the MacBook Air in particular) seemed to defy what we thought was possible in a laptop. 

Despite seeming to take up half the space of other laptops or desktops, Macs are known for being super-fast and efficient. They are great for working from home since they are fast at loading pages and are ideal for online meetings via platforms such as Zoom or Google Teams. 

Macs Are Simple to Fix 

Since so many people now own a Mac, this makes finding the root of the problem much easier if something does go wrong. Although they are formatted slightly differently to other laptop and desktop brands, once you have a bit of experience, they are very user friendly. There are countless pages which tell you step by step how to fix any problem you may encounter with a Mac so that you are never alone! 

When you learn to discipline yourself, working from home can be the preferred option for many people. It can mean your pets have company, you have more flexibility on picking up children for activities and have more time to do household tasks. Having a good laptop or desktop to work from is the only thing that is essential to making this work, so investing is worth it!

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