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Apteligent data report: Apple’s growth in China is flat

Apteligent, which specializes in user-centered mobile app metrics, that released a new data report, “Apteligent Data Report: WWDC 2016 Edition.” It breaks down the current Apple landscape by analyzing Apple’s growth in China, overall iOS fragmentation and performance, and developer interest (or lack of) in the Apple Watch. Key findings from the report include:

Apple’s growth in China is flat for the third quarter. Apteligent thinks this is due to increased local competition from lower-cost Android manufacturers and continued regional macroeconomic issues.

Fragmentation in iOS greater than Apteligent hought. Almost 20% of users aren’t running the latest version. There are 7% still on iOS 8, with approximately 70M devices that need to be upgraded. Apple reduced crashes on iOS 9.3.2 by 27% compared against iOS 8. In other words, users on iOS 8 experience 36% more crashes compared to users on iOS 9.3.2.

Interest in the Apple Watch appears to have peaked during 2015 holiday season. Apple has sold an estimated 12-13 million watches, a $6 billion achievement, but that was largely to early adopters. 

The vast majority of potential consumers seem to be waiting for Apple to fix issues around battery life and performance, according to Andrew Levy, CSO and cofounder of Apteligent. Apteligent’s data is benchmarked across tens of thousands of mobile apps representing hundreds of millions of application launches.

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