Apple’s iPhone dominates the used smartphone market in Indonesia

Apple’s iPhone has the majority of the used smartphone market in Indonesia, according to a new report from Research and Markets.

From the report: The used smartphone population prefer an iPhone as these phones have a good brand recognition and provides a user-friendly experience to its customers. Buying a new iPhone could be expensive for a large proportion of the population, hence they prefer second-hand handsets of these brands.

According to Research and Markets, Indonesia’s used smartphone industry is at a nascent stage. The industry had a single digit growth from 2016-2021. During COVID, the industry growth rate declined as the offline stores were shut — and offline stores sales dominate the industry with a large percentage share as compared to online platforms.

Research and Markets adds that, also, the fear of leaving home during the COVID pandemic led to an emergence for online used smartphone in Indonesia. Internet penetration has been increasing in the country from 2016 to 2021. 

People in Indonesia prefer buying used smartphones, especially iPhones, because of the high prices of these smartphones, according to Research and Markets. People who prefer replacing their handsets frequently and are brand conscious prefer buying second hand phones as they are cheaper and affordable than the new smartphones, notes the research group.

Dennis Sellers
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