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Apple’s concept ideas for a car included spherical tires, AR windshields, more

I wouldn’t have been able to afford an Apple Car if Apple ever built one — which seems highly unlikely now — but it would have been cool to see what the tech giant could have come up with. And apparently, it had some craaaaaazy ideas.

According to Business Insider, a few years ago Apple employees, including design guru Jony Ive, came up with concepts for the car of the future:

Apple enlisted software programmers, automotive engineers, rocket scientists and the industrial-design team of Apple’s design chief, Jonathan Ive, to reimagine the car. They entertained a series of unconventional concepts, including augmented-reality or holographic displays embedded in windshields and windows, a sunroof made of a special polymer that reduces heat from the sun, and windows with adjustable tints — like those on Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner jets. There was also a concept that was an SUV with interior seats facing each other.

According to The Motley Crew (https://www.fool.com/investing/2017/09/04/pulling-back-the-curtain-on-apples-self-driving-ca.aspx), here are some other ideas that Apple engineers initially contemplated:

  • Automatic doors that open and close silently;
  • An interior designed without a steering wheel or gas pedal;
  • Spherical wheels that allow the car to drive sideways. (The mock-up is courtesy of SlashGear.)

As I said, I wouldn’t have been to afford an Apple Car, but I’d sure like to see a vehicle with some or all of these features.

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