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Apple World Today’s Google Hangout on Air: WWDC 2015 Keynote

What’s more fun than a liveblog? A livestream! Today we’re getting together on-air for a live discussion of what’s going on during the WWDC 2015 Keynote. Due to copyright restrictions, we won’t be able to show you the WWDC Keynote – DUH! – but thanks to the miracles of modern technology, you should be able to open two browser windows simultaneously (at least on a Mac) and watch Tim Cook & Friends AND the AWT team at the same time. You can talk back to us… you won’t be able to do that with Tim, Phil Schiller, and whoever else is on stage in San Francisco.

We’re starting at about 9:30 AM PT, a half hour before the start of the keynote. The window below will magically become active at that point… provided you press the “play” button. Enjoy!

Steve Sande
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