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Apple World Today adds audible articles for vision-impaired readers

Thanks to a reader with vision issues who asked for our site to be more accessible, we are happy to announce the addition of a new tool to the Apple World Today website. This tool, WebsiteVoice, reads any article or article excerpt with a click or tap on the speaker icon that is visible on the left side of each story. WebsiteVoice works with both macOS and iOS browsers, so all of our friends who would like to listen to articles rather than read them can listen on many Apple devices.

WebsiteVoice consists of a small script that’s installed on our site, and when the speaker icon is clicked or tapped, the article is quickly transferred to WebsiteVoice’s servers and converted to voice.

Please let us know if you like this tool regardless of whether your vision is perfect or far from it, and let any friends who may suffer from impaired vision know about Apple World Today.

Headline image via Unsplash user Dmitry Ratushny (@ratushny).

Steve Sande
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