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Apple wants to make the iPhone, iPad better devices for conference calling

Apple w Apple wants to make the iPhone and iPad better devices for conference calling as evidenced by a new patent filing dubbed “portable multifunction device, method, and graphical user interface for conference calling.”

In the patent filing, Apple notes that many smartphones support a “conference call” feature that allows three or more parties (corresponding to three or more phones) to participate in a single conversation simultaneously. Of course, iPads and Macs do this as well thanks to FaceTtime.

The tech giant says that currently, it’s difficult for a phone user to manage a conference call, including such tasks as adding a new party to the conference call, removing an existing party from the conference call, temporarily converting the conference call into a private phone call with one of the existing parties, and returning to the conference call from the private phone call. With present devices, it’s not readily apparent to a user how to perform these tasks, the tech giant adds.. 

Apple says there’s a is a need for portable multifunction devices with more transparent and intuitive user interfaces for managing a conference call between multiple parties that are easy to use, configure, and/or adapt. It adds that “such interfaces increase the effectiveness, efficiency and user satisfaction with portable multifunction devices.”

Here’s the summary of the patent filing: “The present disclosure generally relates to managing phone calls. In some embodiments, an electronic device with a touch screen displays a phone call user interface which includes, informational items associated with phone calls as well as other affordances. In some embodiments, the phone call user interface enables a user the electronic device to access various phone call management functions.”

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