Apple wants Mac, iPad users to be able to draw objects and place them in virtual environment

FIG. 4A illustrates a first computer-generated graphical presentation scenario.

Apple has been granted a patent (number 11527049) for a “method and device for sketch-based placement of virtual objects.” It involves Mac and iPad users being able to draw objects and include theme in computer-generated environments.

About the patent

The patent relates to computer graphics, and in particular, to systems, methods, and devices for sketch-based placement of computer-generated graphical objects. In some instances, a user may populate their computer-generated room by selecting virtual objects from a pre-existing library. 

However, Apple this limits the customizability of the computer-generated room. The tech giant wants Mac and iPad users to be able to create augmented reality/virtual reality scenes, then be able to sketch objects to place in such scenes.

Summary of the patent

Here’s Apple’s abstract of the patent: “In some implementations, a method of sketch-based placement of computer-generated graphical objects is performed at a device including one or more cameras and non-transitory memory coupled to one or more processors. The method includes obtaining an input directed to a content creation interface (e.g., a sketchpad), wherein the input corresponds to a sketch of a candidate object, and wherein the content creation interface facilitates creation of computer-generated graphical objects presentable using the device. 

“The method also includes: obtaining a three-dimensional (3D) model using the input that corresponds to the sketch of the candidate object; generating a computer-generated graphical object using the obtained 3D model; and causing presentation of the computer-generated graphical object together with imagery obtained using the one or more cameras of the device.”

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