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Apple wants developers to give ‘Sign in with Apple’ top priority among sign-in options

“Sign in with Apple” — which will be available on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and the web — was announced Monday during Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference. However, some folks are griping about one of Apple’s requirements. And the tech giant really wants developers to give it top priority.

According to App Store guidelines for developers it’s going to be mandatory or all apps that offer up third-party sign-in options such as “Sign in with Facebook” and “Sign in with Google.” 

Now Reuters notes that Apple “suggests” in its Human Interface Guidelines that developers put “Sign in with Apple” above other sign-in options. The article says that this isn’t required because Apple doesn’t hold review power over websites the way it does apps on its own store, but Apple’s guidelines still ask it to be given top placement if it’s used …. And many developers believe that following them is the surest way to gain approval.”

Apple tells developers that when they use the system-provided application programming interface to create a Sign In with Apple button, they get:

  • A button that’s guaranteed to use an Apple-approved title, font, color, and style;

  • Assurance that the button’s contents maintain ideal proportions as you change its style; 

  • Automatic translation of the button’s title into the language that’s set for the device;

  • Support for configuring the button’s corner radius to match the style of your UI.

There are two button variants for Sign In with Apple (pictured). 

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