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Apple wants attorney removed in ongoing ‘Batterygate’ brouhaha

Apple has moved to remove the co-lead counsel in a consolidated multidistrict litigation accusing the tech giant of deliberately slowing down iPhone performance, saying the attorneys had quoted from protected Apple documents in open court during a hearing and doubled down when challenged, reports Law360.

This is part of the ongoing “Batterygate” legal battle. In February Business Insider reported that Apple was setting aside money to pay for lawsuits related to the matter.

Over 60 “Batterygate” lawsuits have been filed, alledging that Apple’s actions violated Consumer Protection Act legislation. In December 2017 Apple published an apology letter to customers for slowing down older phones to compensate for erratic battery performance. 

The tech giant offered $29 replacement batteries for those with an iPhone 6 or later. Apple also added more battery health information to iOS to let users know when the battery begins to compromise performance.  

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