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Apple Vision Pro Apple Case offers elegant, sturdy protection for the pricey spatial computer

Future versions of Apple’s Vision Pro travel case may have built-in lens cleaning features.

If, like me, you purchased an Apple Vision Pro, the thought of springing even more moolah is daunting. But if you’re planning on taking your spatial computer on the road, you’ll need a carrying case — and Apple’s US$199.99 travel case offers stylish protection. 

The Apple Vision Pro Travel Case closed

It has a retractable handle, which makes it easy to carry and which can be retracted when you don’t need it. The case has convenient, specially designed compartments for a battery, ZEISS Optical Inserts, Apple Vision Pro Cover, and additional accessories such as Belkin’s $49.95 Battery Holder.

As you’d expect from Apple, the design is exemplary. The ripstop outer shell and polycarbonate protective structure offers durability and, well, protection, while the microfiber inner lining softly nestles the spatial computer and peripherals. The Vision Pro itself isn’t small, so the Travel Case is rather large. It measures 11.69 x 8.78 x 6.5 inches — more, of course, when you insert the Vision Pro and accessories. 

The interior of the Apple Vision Pro Travel Case

Third parties such as WaterField Designs and Spigen are offering travel cases for the Vision Pro that will be at least a bit less pricey. I hope to review those. However, Apple’s own case is an elegant-yet-rugged solution for traveling with your ultra-pricey Vision Pro.

Apple World Today rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★

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