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Apple updates its Shazam app/service

Apple has updated its Shazam app, the popular music recognition app that’s used by more than 100 million people each month to identify music, get song lyrics, and more. The company has added lyric syncing, better search results display, and a new track menu that provides access to the info the Shazam service offers.

Apple says that, with lyric-syncing, you’ll see a song’s lyrics in real time. Now when you “Shazam” a song, you’ll get the results and a photo of the artist behind it. For more info, simply tap on the artist photo.

Apple has introduced a new track-result menu that makes it easy to view song lyrics, artist videos, updates and more in a single tap. Or swipe. If you’re connected to Apple Music or Spotify, the “Add to” playlist now takes one less tap.

Apple acquired Shazam in December 2017. Since iOS 8, the app/service was integrated into Siri; it powers the ability to let Apple’s personal digital assistant songs that are playing aloud. Also, Shazam is integrated with Apple Music; subscribers who Shazam a song can then tap to play it directly in Apple Music and can add it to a Shazam playlist.

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