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Apple, TSMC reportedly working on chips for a self-driving ‘Apple Car’ (but I’m skeptical)

Let the Apple Car rumors roll on. I’m skeptical, but DigiTimes reports that Apple is working with TSMC on self-driving auto chips and that the tech giant may open factories in the U.S. to build an “Apple Car.”

Taiwan-based TSMC is a supplier of chips for iPhones and one of the country’s largest companies. It was the first foundry to provide 7 and 5 nanometer production capabilities with the latter being applied on the new Apple A14 SoC.

Why am I skeptical about the DigiTimes report? I’ve repeated said that I don’t think the tech giant will build its own branded vehicle, but will work with current car companies to integrate various technologies it’s working on and for which it’s filed multiple patents.

Still, yesterday Bloomberg reported that Apple has moved its self-driving car unit under the leadership of top artificial intelligence executive, John Giannandrea who will oversee the company’s continued work on an autonomous system that could eventually be used in its own car.

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