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Apple tops Interbrand’s ’Best Global Brands’ list for the eighth time

Apple tops Interbrand’s “Best Global Brands” list for the eighth time. The tech giant was assigned a “brand value” of about US$323 billion, up 38% from $234 in 2019.

Valuation is calculated based on a company’s financial performance, a brand’s ability to influence customer purchases, and the extent to which it can support premium pricing. (Interbrand is a brand consultancy firm.)

“Ultimately, Apple’s (BV $322,999bn +38% YOY) distinctiveness – or, in fact, uniqueness – isn’t a result of what the brand says, but what it does,” Interbrand says. ”It’s Apple’s products, technologies and stores that speak to the organization’s philosophy of beautiful simplicity and individual empowerment – much more than any campaign could ever do. Inasmuch as many talk about the brand’s aura, Apple has consistently changed what was in people’s minds by changing what was in their hands.”

Dennis Sellers
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