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Apple tops CreditSafe’s ‘most-searched for companies in America’ list

Creditsafe, a provider of global business intelligence, has released an in-depth analysis of the millions of searches carried out on its database over the last 12 months to reveal the most-searched for companies in America and the most searched for companies in each state. Apple and Google are number one and two on the list.

The data reveals a number of surprises when the most-searched for company is revealed for each state. Again the obvious candidates can be seen with companies that are either very large in their region or synonymous with their state standing out such as Amazon in Washington, General Motors in Michigan or Nike in Oregon. However, Matthew Debbage, president of Creditsafe’s American-Pacific division, points out that there are several outliers or results that either defy or confirm expectations. 

“A number of the most-searched companies either reflect their state’s heritage and economy such as Royal Caribbean Cruises for Florida or Arrow Electronics in Colorado, but there are also a number that are just there because that’s where they happen to be based such as either Honeywell International topping the list for New Jersey or Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway being the most searched-for company in Nebraska,” he says.

“It’s really intriguing to see just which companies our customers are interested in,” added Debbage, “and it just goes to show the power of the information held within a business credit report which can reveal vital information on any company that you are doing business with or just want to find out more about.”

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