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Apple teams up with French vocational school to offer Swift coding

Apple is teaming up with Simplon, a French digital vocational school, to teach Swift coding to students. It’s part of the tech giant’s “Everyone Can Code” initiative.

Everyone Can Code is a program designed by Apple to help everyone learn how to code using a Swift curriculum. The program includes a range of free resources, from helping students explore basic coding concepts to building fully functional apps.

With teacher guides and lessons, students learn the basics on an iPad with Swift Playgrounds. Playgrounds is a free app that lets users use real code to solve puzzles and control characters with just a tap, to App Development with Swift to help aspiring app developers build their first iOS apps.

“Proud to announce our new training program in partnership with France’s [Simplon], teaching the basics of coding with Swift,” Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted. “Learning to code unlocks a world of creativity and potential.”

The program will be offered initially in a month-long program in Paris and Lyon, then expand to other cities in France. Apple will provide teachers with training, funding, and access to the Apple devices required by students.

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