Apple supplier Luxshare accused of stealing commercial secrets, poaching employees

Taiwanese prosecutors have accused Luxshare, a Chinese suppler to Apple, of stealing commercial secrets from a Taiwanese supplier and poaching its workforce to win orders from the U.S. tech giant, reports Reuters. Fourteen people have been charged.

Apparently, those folks targeted rival Catcher Technology staff and secrets “in order to quickly enter the Apple production chain to win orders.” “The department will do its best to investigate such cases to maintain the sound development of our country’s enterprises and ensure the competitiveness of national industries,” prosecutors told Reuters.

It’s a rough year for Luxshare. In April it and two other Apple suppliers had to suspend production due to strict COVID-19 lockdown measures.

Luxshare has steadily moved up Apple’s value chain, from making connector cables for the iPhone and Mac laptops to manufacturing AirPods.

Dennis Sellers
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